Research Interests & Collaborations

Research Interests
  • Seismic Resilience
  • Structural Reliability
  • Artificial Intelligence/Soft Computing
  • Composite Structures
  • Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection
  • Structural Pounding
Collaboration Form

Establishing a scientific collaboration, especially at its inception, demands a substantial investment of time and ongoing communication via multiple emails. This effort is essential to ensure the success of our collaborative process, including the distribution of tasks and the assurance that each participant will take charge of sections aligned with their expertise and skills. This process is both time-intensive and prolonged, occasionally extending beyond a month. Moreover, the constant influx of emails that researchers receive daily from diverse sources, such as scientific publishers, peer reviewers, paper management, conferences, and scientific event invitations, can make it challenging to keep up with correspondence. This, in turn, results in delayed responses and occasional follow-up reminders. To enhance efficiency and reduce the duration of this process, we have developed the form below. Its purpose is to not only respect your time and mine but also to facilitate the creation of a well-organized and productive plan for establishing a purposeful scientific collaboration. If you are interested in participating in a collaborative scientific project, please complete the form.